I got unreal CBD oil off Dave K Kavanagh highly recommend him folks, great for anxiety and sleeping.


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What a lovely message from a happy customer. Thank you Anne Sarioglu. So happy that you are happy. That’s all that matters in the end. Xxxx


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Gillian Melia - Testimonial - Green Healing

I started on cbd oil about 2 weeks ago. Effects are almost immediately. I struggle with depression and anxiety and the difference in 2 weeks is simply incredible. I’m actually going out of the house now and planning things to do. I highly recommend Gillian Melia-Farrell. She called to my door with the oil and explained everything about it too.


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As I’m sure everyone by now has heard of the cbd oil and the amazing benefits it has for a range off different complaints!As I have! My son has severe alopecia which means all his hair has falling out and his eyebrows๐Ÿ˜ข David Kavanagh suggested I try the oil and paste for him!! The results have been amazing!! My son had no hair whatsoever but since I’ve been using this his hair is coming back it’s amazing I can’t recommend David enough for this product!! He’s an absolute gentleman! And the oil well it speaks for itself!! I can’t thank you enough David for your help and advice ๐Ÿ˜Š

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hi david has sold me the oil on several ocasions i recently had a knee replacement and before hand my knees were very bad i have very bad artritis in my lwr back and hands fingers and i have in my legs . i also have fibromyalgia and i have to say i never believed in Cbd oils until my daughter put me on to David Kavanagh for the oil and the balms and since then my pain has eased off in so many ways i find its very good and for the athrithis pain goes fully for hours. i would like to highly recommend this brand and business and thanks again rose X

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Just want to say David Kavanagh my Mam said she hasnโ€™t slept they way she has been in over 20 years since she started taking the CBD oil !! Thanks so much !! โค๏ธ

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Have to say Iv been using Cb oil now about 8 weeks I swear by it 2 drops before bed I use to take sleeping tablet now I donโ€™t thAt a loan is major break threw for me i also suffer with anxiety if I need to take it in the day if I feel anxiety panic attack coming on I would take 2 drops but I only have took it twice in day in 8 weeks which is also brilliant less anxiety canโ€™t thank David Kavanagh enough heโ€™s very nice chap delivers straight to ur door I also have used the cream as I suffer with me back as well so it really does work brilliant for me ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Christine Roisin - Testimonial - Green Healing
Christine Roisin - Testimonial - Green Healing

MORE FEED BACK FROM OUR LOYAL CLIENTS GREEN HEALING!!!!!!! I decided to try the cbd oil to see what all the fuss was about ๐Ÿ˜ so I started using it about 2 weeks ago and I can honestly say I’m feeling much better, I’m taking it for anxiety and depression, iv been on a antidepressant for the last 9 years and not in the length of time have a felt as good as I do now,I’m not saying I’m 100% cured but I’m defo a lot better than what I was, defo money well spent !! Also on behalf of my sister who is not on face book, she decided to try the cbd paste on her son who has dravet syndrome, ( a rare form of epilepsy) and his mood also behavior and frequency of seizures has changed dramatically,, he had 2 seizures in which I was present for, and while he was having one, I gave him the oil as I had it in my bag, and almost straight away the seizure stopped and didn’t return like they normally do,, with no rescue medication, so I new it had to be the oil, this happened both times, she is over the mood and happy that she has finally found, not just something to stop the seizures but also something to calm him down , which might stop him getting too over excited and having a seizure due to this, sorry for the long post but just thought I should share my experience with everyone ๐Ÿ˜ƒ thank u david ! SOME MORE POSITIVE FEED BACK FROM OUR CLIENTS ..GREEN HEALING

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So happy for you Paul Patrick Ryan, Onwards and Upwards Hun. All of us at GreenHealing are all so happy. That’s All we strive for is Happy Clients. Xoxo


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Gillian Melia - Testimonial - Green Healing

I cannot thank you enough,I’ve seen and felt a huge difference in my skin since beginning the CBD drops and cream, this has been an ongoing mental and physical struggle for three years. I’ve seen numerous doctors and skin specialists and have been on every steroid, antibiotic and cream known to man and none of them have had the amazing relief I have gotten from these drops. Thank you.

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Sandra Kelly - Testimonial - Green Healing
Sandra Kelly - Testimonial - Green Healing