Relax Your Mind: 8 Ways To Feel Better!

Relax your mind

In today’s world, you are always so busy thinking of the next thing to do that it becomes hard to relax your mind. Notifications pop up all the time reminding us that things are happening, generating anxiety and keeping our minds busy – all-day-long. 

Dealing with that is tiresome! 

Our busy minds are constantly trying to process our thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts and anxieties. While we are supposed to use our mind to think, and a busy mind can result in us being more proactive and productive, sometimes this becomes an overwhelming process of unnecessary worrying and stressing.

In today’s blog post, I will go through the reasons our minds are stressing, how we can relax and bring it to quietness, and how we can benefit from our healthy mind!

Why is my mind so busy?

Lack of control

Your busy mind might stress for not being able to control your thoughts. Feeling out of control can be compared to being a passenger while your mind drives the car carrying all the fear, worry and anxiety. 

If you feel like that, try to identify some mental habits that keep you from relaxing. Are you a perfectionist? Do you overthink everything? To remedy that, take some time to learn what keeps you out of your mental driver’s seat.

Once you have identified the source of your busy mind, you can start taking action towards a final solution to finally relax your mind.

You are living in the future

Living in the future might sound whoo-whoo, but it is not. People live with their minds in the future more often than you can imagine. Looking ahead can keep you from living the present and maintaining your mind in a place where you don’t have any control – as it is not happening yet!

Every time you see yourself in this situation, try to educate your mind by bringing yourself back to the present and live the moment. Coming back to the present is a small step, but the impact on your mental health is enormous! 

More on how to do that on the below steps!

Lack of Organisation

This is a big one! Being disorganised can lead to many personal problems and impact your mental health. For example, it can cause anxiety, stress and overwhelming feelings.

Some of us will try to keep all the information in one place: our heads. But, then, just by remembering all upcoming to-dos, we already feel overwhelmed! If you are familiar with this feeling, bear with me!

Get more organized by using a calendar, a notebook to write your to-dos, declutter your home from things you don’t need, use a project management app on your phone. Once those become a habit, you will feel your mind in a constant state of relaxation.

10 Ways to Feel Better!

Clean your space

Following right with the last topic that keeps your mind busy: lack of organization! A cluttered space can be a very stressful space – the worst room ever for a busy mind! Excess of stuff can make people feel overwhelmed by the mess and even guilty for not keeping everything tidy.

As you start your decluttering process, you might feel less overwhelmed, much more energetic, and it can even improve your breathing! In addition, once the external space is organized, people are very likely to tackle other issues and work on them.

Add CBD to your daily routine.

CBD can be one of the easiest ways to promote relaxation to your mind! It helps you maintain your mind calm and works with your brain chemistry to bring it back to its natural balance. 

Alert: CBD won’t solve all your problems, so make sure you are also looking inside and outside and changing habits that no longer serve you to better ones – like those we are outlining in the blog post!


Some will find it difficult to believe that exercise can help to calm your mind down. Wasn’t it supposed to make me energized? Right! But it can do both. Regular aerobic exercise can relax and energize, provide stimulation and calm.

Daily exercises can also help with depression, dissipate stress, promote general wellness, and improve your mental health. It is a great way to balance your body and your mind!

Practice Meditation

Mindfulness activities can seem impossible when you are always in a go-go mode. Even today, people who adept to meditation practices have said one day, ‘I can’t do that!’. 

Truth is, meditation can improve health in so many ways that anybody can take a piece of its benefits. Techniques can help quiet the mind without having to empty your thoughts. Mindfulness practices can help you focus on present tasks and teach you how to bring yourself back to the present whenever your mind starts wondering.

It can help you acknowledge what causes the stress, worries and anxieties in the first place. Then you learn how to categorize and prioritize your thoughts, making room for relaxation and quietness.

One of the best things about meditation is that it can be done anywhere and at any time!


The practice of journaling and writing down your thoughts has proved to help people with anxiety, reduce stress, and improve productivity by writing down emotions.

Even if you don’t believe you are a strong writer, that is fine! It is not about whether you write well or not; just the act of writing can calm and relax your mind.

Whether you are writing about your day, your thoughts of gratitude or just crazy things that come to your mind, there is no right or wrong way to journal.

Spend time in nature

Have you heard about ecotherapy? The connection with nature and the Earth is now called ecotherapy – yes, it became a therapy, meaning that science can prove it!

The sights, sounds, feelings, and smells that come from nature can reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels and help with anxiety and depression. 

No matter if it’s a short stroll in your backyard or an hour around your local park, getting close to nature is a great way to quiet your mind. Potencialize this activity by turning off your phone and just paying attention to all things outdoors.

Do some Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts are a great way to keep your hands busy and empty your mind. The fact that it brings you back to the moment and activates your creative side makes it a fantastic option to remain healthy and connected to yourself and relax your mind.

Make sure to pick something you enjoy: crafting bracelets, painting, drawing, colouring books or pottery. Anything is welcome!

Practice yoga

You have probably heard before that Yoga is a highly beneficial exercise for the body. However, because Yoga became a ”fit exercise” in the occidental culture, not much is discussed about what it does to your mind.

The truth is that Yoga can help calm your mind just like meditation does. Yoga is called ”meditation in movement”. It can reduce your anxiety levels, help bring you back to the present moment, and empty your mind while you focus on the sequence and your breath.

The best thing is that you can practice anywhere as you don’t need any equipment to start doing Yoga! You can use your living room space and a rug instead of a mat and Youtube classes to begin your yoga journey.