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Terpenes and its health benefits!


We have mentioned terpenes in our blog post about the difference between broad and full-spectrum CBD oils. But what are really the terpenes, and what are their benefits to our health? We are going to cover that today! If you have smelled a plant of lavender, sage or cannabis, you have encountered terpenes! Terpenes are aromatic properties […]

4 Things You Can do to Maximise Your CBD Benefits

CBD Benefits

We are true believers in CBD drops and the benefits to everyone’s health – that you already know. But did you know that there are other things you can do that can potentialise the CBD effects and improve your well-being even more? If you are in the process of incorporating this substance into your day-by-day […]

Relax Your Mind: 8 Ways To Feel Better!

Relax your mind

In today’s world, you are always so busy thinking of the next thing to do that it becomes hard to relax your mind. Notifications pop up all the time reminding us that things are happening, generating anxiety and keeping our minds busy – all-day-long.  Dealing with that is tiresome!  Our busy minds are constantly trying […]

Full-Spectrum x Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil: Which One To choose?

Full-spectrum cbd

When looking into CBD products, you have probably noticed that there are so many types, different cannabinoid spectrums – or percentages that translates its properties. So, while they might sound similar, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products are worlds apart from each other. But, how so? Although the research into CBD is still in the early […]