10 Benefits of Hemp Oil to your Health

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You all might have run into products made by hemp oil in a pharmacy or natural products store. Have you also noticed the variety increase and how big that shelf is getting lately? The reason for that is simple: more and more people are trying those products and experiencing how they positively affect their health.

The list of benefits below will cover many aspects of health from psychologic to physical. Come along to discover how this natural oil can be used!

1. Anxiety relief

The karma of our century! Anxiety is the most common illness in today’s world, affecting 40 million adults each year only in the US. 

Researchers found that the oil can change how the brain responds to serotonin, the key hormone that stabilizes our emotions – and can mess up the moods. The use of hemp oil can reduce stress, decrease heart-rate, improve symptoms of PTSD and help with insomnia.

2. Migraines

The newest researches show that the use of hemp oil can reduce migraines by 40.4%. In contrast, amitriptyline – a common drug used against chronic pain – stays on 40.1% only. The use of CBD also minimized the intensity of the pain by 43.5%.

3. Anti-seizure

The possible treatment for epilepsy with hemp oil has been on the news for longer than the oil has been on the shelf. Many kinds of research have been conducted to analyze the integrity of that. In particular, one study has proven that there was also a more significant reduction in drop seizures in people taking CBD compared to those on a placebo. 

4. Pain Relief and Cancer

The pain relief is not only shown on people who suffer from migraine. Products derivative from hemp are often used in patients after chemotherapy treatments.

Other researches are currently ongoing to prove the oil’s benefit to minimize several types of pain like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscle pain and other chronic pains.

5. Anti-Inflammatory

Creams and serums made of hemp oil has shown extraordinary results to treat skin inflammations A study from the European Journal of Pain showed, using an animal model, CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Another study demonstrated how CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the most challenging chronic pain types to treat.

6. Anti Acne

Because it helps reduce many types of inflammation, hemp oil can be used for skin treatments, such as acne. A study has shown that the oil prevents sebaceous glands’ activity, encountered under the skin. These glands are responsible for producing sebum, a natural substance that hydrates the skin.

7. Cancer Treatment

Researches around cancer treatment using hemp oil are still in early stages; however, it is worth mentioning. The National Cancer Institute declared that hemp oil may help alleviate cancer symptoms and post-treatment pain.

Some studies also investigate how hemp oil can reduce the cancerous cell’s growth. What is promising about all that is that the oil’s ability to change how these cells reproduce.

8. Allergies or Asthma

Cells will produce a substance called histamine during inflammation or body’s allergic reactions, which brings non-pleasant symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and stuffy nose. A research found that CBD can prevent those cells from producing histamines, hence, reducing allergic symptoms.

9. Lung conditions

A study of The Lung Institute has shown that CBD can help open up bronchial passages, and this could help COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ) patients breathe more easily and avoid low blood oxygen levels and other complications. Further, a 2014 CBD study on mice revealed that CBD helped reduce inflammation and improve lung function in mice with damaged lungs. 

10. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

Uncurable diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s also fall onto the potential illnesses that could be cured or previously remedied using hemp oil. 

Alzheimer: The potential of inciting brain tissue was recently discovered as a potential benefit of hemp oil. A 2011 study by Australian researchers Tim Karl and Carl Group found that the oil promotes brain cells’ growth and development, reducing memory deterioration and other brain functions.

Parkinson: as a chronic progressive disease of the nervous system, Parkinson’s is linked to decreased dopamine production and characterized by tremor, muscular rigidity, and imprecise movement. Hemp oil is shown to contain effective brain protectors, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage Parkinson’s disease by balancing the decrease of dopamine production. Studies are also showing it as effective in treating the psychosis that comes with the disease. So far, patients are tolerant of low doses of CBD oil and report positive effects.

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